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1. Record Number: 5091
Author(s): Lourie, Elena.
Title : Black Women Warriors in the Muslim Army Besieging Valencia and the Cid's Victory: A Problem of Interpretation [the story relates how a group of female archers were attacked by El Cid's second-in-command and as a result stampeded the rest of the Muslim army and caused a rout;the author argues that the story origintated with Arabic writers as an excuse by Muslim males for military failure].
Source: Traditio , 55., ( 2000):  Pages 181 - 209.
Year of Publication: 2000.

2. Record Number: 509
Author(s): Lourie, Elena.
Title : Cultic Dancing and Courtly Love: Jews and Popular Culture in Fourteenth Century Aragon and Valencia [bands of Jewish men roamed the streets at night proclaiming their love for various Jewish women, both married and single].
Source: Cross-Cultural Convergences in the Crusader Period: Essays Presented to Aryeh Grabois on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday.   Edited by Michael Goodich, Sophia Menache, and Sylvia Schein .   Peter Lang, 1995. Traditio , 55., ( 2000):  Pages 151 - 182.
Year of Publication: 1995.