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October 2015 [Posted July 2016]

Empress Ariadne or Amalasuntha
Empress Ariadne or Amalasuntha, ivory, 6th century, Museum of Bargello, Florence (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain image)

La Rocca, Cristina. "Foreign Dangers: Activities, Responsibilities and the Problem of Women Abroad. "Early Medieval Europe 23, 4 (2015): 410-435.

"This paper deals with the construction of the foreign woman as a category that could explain, in the sixth century, the agency or the dangers of wives in different narrative contexts. The diffusion of foreign women in the sixth and seventh centuries as brides of kings and aristocrats is compared to contemporary archaeological funerary evidence. The very important role of Theoderic as wife-giver king and the context of his power - Italy - developed the concept of a new foreign subject, identifiable in particular among peregrini both from and within Italy. This development heightened the possibility of creating networks and exporting foreign models." [Reproduced from the journal page on the Wiley Online Library website.]