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March 2015

Simone Martini, Clare of Assisi
Simone Martini, Clare of Assisi (1312-20) Lower Basilica of San Francesco, Assisi
(Wikimedia Commons)

Monagle, Clare. "Poor Maternity: Clare of Assisi's Letters to Agnes of Prague." Women's History Review 24, 4 (2015): 490-501.

Abstract: During the first half of the thirteenth century, Clare of Assisi and Agnes of Prague sustained a long epistolary relationship. Clare's part of the correspondence is extant, and reveals much about the intersection of the language of gendered piety and political ambition in this period. This article seeks, in particular, to place Clare's use of maternal imagery within the context of her attempts to build patronage networks in order to support her ambitions to secure the "Privilege of Poverty" for herself and her sisters, the right to live without landed endowments and claustration. [Reproduced from the journal page on the Taylor & Francis website: http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rwhr20#.VqVsUPkrK00