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October 2016 [Posted September 2017]

Rogier van der Weyden, Saint George and the Dragon
Rogier van der Weyden, Saint George and the Dragon, 1432-1435, Netherlands. (Source: National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Public domain.)

Crombie, Laura. "Sisters of Saint George: Female Membership and Material Remembrance within the Crossbow Guild of Late Medieval Ghent." Women's History Review 25, 6 (2016): 871-886.

Abstract: "This article contributes to ongoing research on women's roles within late medieval guilds and parishes, especially their giving of objects on their death. Looking at women within archery and crossbow guilds in Flanders, and drawing on records of bequests they left to guilds on their deaths, as well as at membership lists, the article will demonstrate the ability of women to take part in religious services through objects. Female guild-sisters were invisible in the public life of many groups, but they played an important role in the devotional side of guild activities, using personal possession to express their part within the piety and community of guilds, even shooting guilds associated with military service and military competitions." [Reproduced from the journal page on the Taylor & Francis Online website.]