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1. Record Number: 1739
Author(s): Hoffman, Donald L.
Title : Radix amoris: The "Tavola Ritonda" and Its Response to Dante's Paolo and Francesca
Source: Tristan and Isolde: A Casebook.   Edited by Joan Tasker Grimbert .   Garland Publishing, 1995.  Pages 207 - 222.
Year of Publication: 1995.

2. Record Number: 1558
Author(s): Grimbert, Joan Tasker.
Title : Translating Tristan-Love from the Prose "Tristan" to the "Tavola Ritonda" [argues that the author of the "Tavola" views Tristan's love for Iseult in a favorable light as loyal and "chaste" in contrast to Lancelot's carnal love for Guenevere].
Source: Romance Languages Annual , 6., ( 1994):  Pages 92 - 97.
Year of Publication: 1994.