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1. Record Number: 44402
Author(s): Christine de Pizan, Christine Reno and Thelma S. Fenster
Title : The Tale of the Rose
Source: The God of Love’s Letter and The Tale of the Rose: A Bilingual Edition. Christine de Pizan and Jean Gerson   Edited by Thelma S. Fenster and Christine Reno, editors and translators .   Iter Press, 2021.  Pages 125 - 159.
Year of Publication: 2021.

2. Record Number: 5342
Author(s): Walker, Ashley Manjarrez and Michael A. Sells
Title : The Wiles of Women and Performative Intertextuality: A'isha, the Hadith of the Slander, and the Sura of Yusuf [the authors argue that A'isha (at least the figure and narrator in the hadith, if not the historical figure) shows a rare political sense as well as a fine theological understanding when she praises Allah alone, not her husband the prophet, for her deliverance from the accusations of slanderers].
Source: Journal of Arabic Literature , 30., ( 1999):  Pages 55 - 77.
Year of Publication: 1999.

3. Record Number: 4904
Author(s): Solterer, Helen.
Title : Fiction Versus Defamation: The Quarrel over the "Romance of the Rose"
Source: Medieval History Journal , 2., 1 (January-June 1999):  Pages 111 - 141.
Year of Publication: 1999.

4. Record Number: 944
Author(s): Gibbons, Rachel.
Title : Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen of France (1385-1422): The Creation of an Historical Villainess. The Alexandria Prize Essay [with her husband insane, Isabeau signed a treaty in 1420 with the English and, thus, lost the throne for her son. Contemporaries criticized her for greed and disloyalty, but later historians added the charge of adultery with her brother-in-law, Louis of Orleans.]
Source: Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. Sixth Series , 6., ( 1996):  Pages 51 - 73.
Year of Publication: 1996.

5. Record Number: 1578
Author(s): Kay, Sarah.
Title : The Contradictions of Courtly Love and the Origins of Courtly Poetry: The Evidence of the "Lauzengiers" [psychoanalytic and historicist methods discussed; appendices show contradictions in the poems of various troubadours from the period of Guillaume IX through Bernart de Ventadorn on a variety of topics as well as excerpts from their works dealing with "lauzenguers," (jealous courtiers) the crusade, adultery, and religion].
Source: Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies , 26., 2 (Spring 1996):  Pages 209 - 253. Special Issue: Historical Inquiries/ Psychoanalytic Criticism/ Gender Studies
Year of Publication: 1996.

6. Record Number: 7165
Author(s): Finch, Andrew.
Title : Women and Violence in the Later Middle Ages: The Evidence of the Officiality of Cerisy
Source: Continuity and Change , 7., 1 ( 1992):  Pages 23 - 45.
Year of Publication: 1992.