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1. Record Number: 6608
Author(s): Galimberti, Paolo M.
Title : Le Lettere di indulgenza per la Scuola delle Quattro Marie di Milano [the Scuola delle Quattro Marie, a Milanese confraternity, is little documented before the 14th century; at that period an altar of the Four Marys can be identified in the old cathedral which honored the Virgin, her supposed sisters, and the Magdalene; but no chapel of that name existed there or in the new cathedral in the Middle Ages; the surviving indulgences document the transformation of a group of "raccomandati della Vergine Maria" into a formal "scuola" or meeting at the cathedral; this development coincided with the stabilization of the Visconti regime; the article concludes with critical editions of the four indulgence letters].
Source: Archivio Storico Lombardo , 6., ( 2000):  Pages 67 - 109.
Year of Publication: 2000.