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1. Record Number: 28348
Contributor(s): Eric James Gallagher, translator
Title : The prior of Holy Trinity of Ipswich was summoned to answer Alice Biccernut… [Item 651 from Ipswich concerns a suit brought by Alice Biccernut against the prior of Holy Trinity over a land dispute. The court found in the prior’s favor and charged Alice a fine which was “pardoned for the queen” (identified as Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III, by Eric Gallagher). Title note supplied by Feminae.)
Source: The Civil Pleas of the Suffolk Eyre of 1240.   Edited by Eric James Gallagher Suffolk Records Society, 52.   Boydell Press , 2009.  Pages 133 - 134.
Year of Publication: 2009.

2. Record Number: 19229
Author(s): Bueno, Irene
Title : Preferire l'eresia? Donne catare in Linguadoca nel primo Trecento [The histography of women Cathars usually focuses on the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, not on their declining numbers in the early fourteenth century. Evidence from Montaillou shows Cathar teachings transmitted within families. The women who converted often ignored misogynistic tenets of Catharism in favor of elements like belief that dead babies would experience reincarnation. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Storia delle donne 2 (2006): 243-266.
Year of Publication: 2006.

3. Record Number: 4634
Author(s): Webb, Diana.
Title : Raimondo and the Magdalen: A Twelfth-century Italian Pilgrim in Provence
Source: Journal of Medieval History , 26., 1 (March 2000):  Pages 1 - 18.
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 3658
Author(s): Parsons, John Carmi.
Title : Loved Him - Hated Her: Honor and Shame at the Medieval Court [The author argues that the queen had the responsibility to uphold the king's honor; includes brief case studies of Margaret of Provence and Louis IX and her sister Eleanor of Provence and Henry III].
Source: Conflicted Identities and Multiple Masculinities: Men in the Medieval West.   Edited by Jacqueline Murray .   Garland Medieval Casebooks, volume 25. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, volume 2078. Garland Publishing, 1999. Journal of Medieval History , 26., 1 (March 2000):  Pages 279 - 298.
Year of Publication: 1999.

5. Record Number: 2224
Author(s): Stasser, Thierry.
Title : Adélaïde d'Anjou, sa famille, ses unions, sa descendance
Source: Moyen Age , 103., 1 ( 1997):  Pages 9 - 52.
Year of Publication: 1997.

6. Record Number: 3678
Author(s): Parsons, John Carmi.
Title : Of Queens, Courts, and Books: Reflections on the Literary Patronage of Thirteenth-Century Plantagenet Queens [The author argues that royal brides who came from other countries brought a unique multicultural perspective that can be seen in the way they used literary patronage for political goals].
Source: The Cultural Patronage of Medieval Women.   Edited by June Hall McCash .   University of Georgia Press, 1996. Moyen Age , 103., 1 ( 1997):  Pages 175 - 201.
Year of Publication: 1996.

7. Record Number: 445
Author(s): Parsons, John Carmi.
Title : Queen's Intercession in Thirteenth- Century England [contradictory nature of the queen's role as intercessor].
Source: Power of the Weak: Studies on Medieval Women. A selection of a papers presented at the annual conference of the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Feb. 1990.   Edited by Jennifer Carpenter and Sally- Beth MacLean .   University of Illinois Press, 1995. Moyen Age , 103., 1 ( 1997):  Pages 147 - 177.
Year of Publication: 1995.

8. Record Number: 8539
Author(s): Mafart, Bertrand- Yves.
Title : Approche de la mortalité maternelle au moyen âge en provence
Source: La Femme pendant le Moyen Âge et l'époque moderne. Actes des Sixiémes Journées Anthropologiques de Valbonne 9-10-11 juin 1992.   Edited by Luc Buchet Dossier de Documentation Archéologique, 17.   CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre de Recherches Archéologiques) Éditions, 1994. Moyen Age , 103., 1 ( 1997):  Pages 207 - 219.
Year of Publication: 1994.