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Author(s): Martin, Janet.
Title : Widows, Welfare, and the "Pomest'e" System in the Sixteenth Century [The author argues that through the "pomest'e" system the state not only supported soldiers but also their survivors (widows, mothers, or dependent children) for their lifetimes. It went far beyond the state's desire to raise minor sons to become soldiers. The data from the 1550s indicates that the estates were usually more than adequate to support the women's households. However, by the 1580s, 40 percent of the "pomest'ia" could not support the surveyed women's households. The author ascribes the problems to serious economic deterioration rather than to the "pomest'e" system. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Harvard Ukrainian Studies , 19., ( 1995):  Pages 375 - 388. Kamen' Kraeog "I'n": Rhetoric of the Medieval Slavic World: Essays Presented to Edward L. Keenan on His Sixtieth Birthday by His Colleagues and Students. Edited by Nancy Shields Kollmann, Donald Ostrowski, Andrei Pliguzov, and Daniel Rowland.
Year of Publication: 1995.