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1. Record Number: 11452
Author(s): Hyer, Maren Clegg.
Title : Textiles and Textile Imagery in the "Exeter Book" [The author briefly explores three kinds of textile imagery in the tenth century "Exeter Book" manuscript: textile and textile production metaphors for fate, peacemaking, and illicit sexual activity. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Medieval clothing and textiles. Vol. 1.   Edited by Robin Netherton and Gale R Owen-Crocker .   Boydell Press, 2005.  Pages 29 - 39.
Year of Publication: 2005.

2. Record Number: 5058
Author(s): McFadden, Brian.
Title : Sleeping After the Feast: Deathbeds, Marriage Beds, and the Power Structure of Heorot
Source: Neophilologus , 84., 4 (October 2000):  Pages 629 - 646.
Year of Publication: 2000.

3. Record Number: 1110
Author(s): Fee, Christopher.
Title : Beag and Beaghroden: Women, Treasure, and the Language of Social Structure in "Beowulf"
Source: Neuphilologische Mitteilungen , 97., 3 ( 1996):  Pages 285 - 294.
Year of Publication: 1996.

4. Record Number: 878
Author(s): Morey, Robert.
Title : Beowulf's Androgynous Heroism [in crossing tribal lines, Beowulf assumes the feminine role of peace weaver].
Source: JEGP: Journal of English and Germanic Philology , 95., 4 (Oct. 1996):  Pages 486 - 496.
Year of Publication: 1996.

5. Record Number: 458
Author(s): Overing, Gillian R.
Title : The Women of "Beowulf": A Context for Interpretation [operation of desire within the poem and without; female characters as peace- weavers].
Source: Beowulf: Basic Readings.   Edited by Peter S. Baker .   Basic Readings in Anglo- Saxon England 1. Garland Publishing, 1995. JEGP: Journal of English and Germanic Philology , 95., 4 (Oct. 1996):  Pages 219 - 260.
Year of Publication: 1995.

6. Record Number: 10193
Author(s): Justice, Steven.
Title : Þeah seo bryd duge!: The Freoðuwebbe in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Society
Source: Old English Newsletter , 25., 3 (Spring 1992): Appendix A: Abstracts of Papers in Anglo-Saxon Studies. Conference paper presented at the Twenty-Seventh Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 7-10, 1992, Session 16: "Old English Literature I
Year of Publication: 1992.