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1. Record Number: 6633
Author(s): Murray, Jacqueline.
Title : The Law of Sin That is in My Members: The Problem of Male Embodiment [the author argues that there was a problem not only with women's bodies but with men's as well; there was a fundamental dis-ease with the male body and its manifestations of sexuality as seen in such examples as Abelard's castration and the problem of nocturnal emissions].
Source: Gender and Holiness: Men, Women, and Saints in Late Medieval Europe.   Edited by Samantha J. E. Riches and Sarah Salih .   Routledge, 2002.  Pages 9 - 22.
Year of Publication: 2002.

2. Record Number: 3747
Author(s): Leyser, C.
Title : Masculinity in Flux: Nocturnal Emission and the Limits of Celibacy in the Early Middle Ages
Source: Masculinity in Medieval Europe.   Edited by D.M. Hadley .   Women and Men in History Series. Addison Wesley Longman, 1999.  Pages 103 - 120.
Year of Publication: 1999.

3. Record Number: 4431
Author(s): Murray, Jacqueline.
Title : Men's Bodies, Men's Minds: Seminal Emissions and Sexual Anxiety in the Middle Ages [The author surveys theological and pastoral writings on men's emissions from Augustine through Jean Gerson. In the thirteenth century these practices came to be judged more harshly and were associated with masturbation as sins of lust. At the same time e
Source: Annual Review of Sex Research , 8., ( 1997):  Pages 1 - 26.
Year of Publication: 1997.

4. Record Number: 30919
Title : Temptation of the Idler/Dream of the Doctor
Source: Annual Review of Sex Research , 8., ( 1997):
Year of Publication: