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1. Record Number: 4431
Author(s): Murray, Jacqueline.
Title : Men's Bodies, Men's Minds: Seminal Emissions and Sexual Anxiety in the Middle Ages [The author surveys theological and pastoral writings on men's emissions from Augustine through Jean Gerson. In the thirteenth century these practices came to be judged more harshly and were associated with masturbation as sins of lust. At the same time e
Source: Annual Review of Sex Research , 8., ( 1997):  Pages 1 - 26.
Year of Publication: 1997.

2. Record Number: 1776
Author(s): Raby, Michel J.
Title : Le péché "contre nature" dans la littérature médiévale: deux cas [masturbation and homosexuality as represented in penitential books and in a variety of literary examples drawn from fabliaux, lyric poetry, romances, and travel literature].
Source: Romance Quarterly , 44., 4 (Fall 1997):  Pages 215 - 223.
Year of Publication: 1997.

3. Record Number: 1919
Author(s): Ricco, John Paul.
Title : Queering Boundaries: Semen and Visual Representations from the Middle Ages and in the Era of the AIDS Crisis [analysis of the sexuality expressed in a carved corbel that represents two men tugging on each other's beards; comparison with recent paintings by Ridgeway Bennett].
Source:   Edited by Whitney Davis Journal of Homosexuality , 27., 40180 ( 1994):  Pages 57 - 80. Published simultaneously in Gay and Lesbian Studies in Art History. Edited by Whitney Davis. Haworth Press, 1994. 57-80
Year of Publication: 1994.