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1. Record Number: 745
Author(s): Kreutz, Barbara M.
Title : The Twilight of "Morgengabe" [dowries and inheritance of women under Lombard law contrasted with those in Amalfi where Roman law was practiced ].
Source: Portraits of Medieval and Renaissance Living: Essays in Honor of David Herlihy.   Edited by Samual K. Cohn, Jr. and Steven A. Epstein .   University of Michigan Press, 1996.  Pages 131 - 147.
Year of Publication: 1996.

2. Record Number: 546
Author(s): Kuehn, Thomas.
Title : Understanding Gender Inequality in Renaissance Florence: Personhood and Gifts of Maternal Inheritance by Women
Source: Journal of Women's History , 8., 2 (Summer 1996):  Pages 58 - 80.
Year of Publication: 1996.