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Author(s): Shopkow, Leah
Title : The Narrative Constructions of the Famous (or Infamous) and Fearsome Virago, Beatrice of Bourbourg [The author analyzes two representations of Beatrice, inheritor of the castellany of Bourbourg in Flanders and wife of the ruler of the county of Guines. Both authors saw her as ambitious and proud, but Lambert of Ardre saw this as fitting. Futhermore he praised Beatrice for her good influence on her morally weak husband. In contrast William of Andres blamed her for everything that went wrong including things done by her husband and son. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Historical Reflections/ Reflexions historiques , 30., 1 (Spring 2004):  Pages 55 - 71.
Year of Publication: 2004.