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1. Record Number: 45227
Author(s): Meir of Rothenburg, , Rabbi and Elisheva Baumgarten
Title : Travel on the Sabbath
Source: Jewish Everyday Life in Medieval Northern Europe, 1080-1350: A Sourcebook.   Edited by Tzafrir Barzilay, Eyal Levinson, and Elisheva Baumgarten. The text is introduced by Elisheva Baumgarten and comes from Simcha Emanuel, The Responsa of Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg and his Companions (Alon Shvut: World Union of Jewish Studies, 2014), 739, §374 .  2022.  Pages 59 - 60. The book is available open access: https://scholarworks.wmich.edu/mip_teamsdp/9/
Year of Publication: 2022.

2. Record Number: 14606
Author(s): Raine, Melissa.
Title : Fals flesch: Food and the Embodied Piety of Margery Kempe [In examining Margery Kempe's various interactions with food which include feeding the poor, fasting, receiving the Eucharist, and eating at the tables of prominent people, Raine does not find gender a highly significant factor. Rather Margery acts out of highly individualized motivations including a concern to establish and enhance her own standing. In her conclusion Raine questions Caroline Walker Bynum's approach to women and food in Holy Feast and Holy Fast, finding the methodology and assumptions inadequate for the historical realities of gendered expectations and devotional practices. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: New Medieval Literatures , 7., ( 2005):  Pages 101 - 126.
Year of Publication: 2005.

3. Record Number: 4642
Author(s): Polinska, Wioleta.
Title : Bodies Under Siege: Eating Disorders and Self-Mutilation Among Women [The author compares and contrasts present-day eating disorders with medieval holy women's behaviors and suggests that in both cases women are seeking self-determination and autonomy].
Source: Journal of the American Academy of Religion , 68., 3 (September 2000):  Pages 569 - 589.
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 2909
Author(s): Anderson, Jill.
Title : Holy Women and the Cult of the Eucharist in the Early Irish Church
Source: Magistra , 3., 1 (Summer 1997):  Pages 49 - 107.
Year of Publication: 1997.

5. Record Number: 11073
Title : Catherine of Siena: The Two Hungers [The article discusses the “spiritual hunger” that Catherine of Siena describes in her writings, a hunger usually sated by the Eucharist, and related to her practice of fasting. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Mystics Quarterly , 17., 3 ( 1991):  Pages 173 - 180.
Year of Publication: 1991.

6. Record Number: 8943
Author(s): Santi, Francesco.
Title : Tre manuali di storia del corpo [Modern historiography of holy women restores the body to importance, but it risks eliminating the concept of the soul. Catherine of Siena, for one, sought to transform the body, regarded as the female aspect of life, into a body of glory. In this review article the author discusses Rudolph Bell's "Holy Anorexia," Caroline Bynum's "Holy Feast and Holy Fast," and Ginette Raimbault and Caroline Eliacheff's "Les Indomptables." Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Studi Medievali , 31., 2 (Dicembre 1990):  Pages 805 - 820.
Year of Publication: 1990.