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Author(s): Martin, Russell E.
Title : Royal Weddings and Crimean Diplomacy: New Sources on Muscovite Chancellery Practice during the Reign of Vasilii III [The author presents a critical edition and historical analysis of a ceremonial ("chin") for the wedding of Prince Andrei Staritskii, brother of Grand Prince Vasilii III, and Evfrosiniia Khovanskaia. This document, along with a diplomatic letter, provide evidence of chancellery practices. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Harvard Ukrainian Studies , 19., ( 1995):  Pages 389 - 420. Kamen' Kraeog "I'n": Rhetoric of the Medieval Slavic World: Essays Presented to Edward L. Keenan on His Sixtieth Birthday by His Colleagues and Students. Edited by Nancy Shields Kollmann, Donald Ostrowski, Andrei Pliguzov, and Daniel Rowland.
Year of Publication: 1995.