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1. Record Number: 5473
Author(s): Bornstein, Daniel E.
Title : Violenza al corpo di una santa: Fra agiographica e pornografia- A proposito di Douceline di Digne [Mortification of the flesh, including punishment of sexual organs, features prominently in the lives of holy women; Douceline of Digne is an extreme example of the phenomenon, becoming insensible to stimuli when in a trance; she became the presiding spirit of a beguinage in Marseille, and the community preserved her memory and developed her cult; during her lifetime, her body, when insensible, was subjected to tortures to gratify the curiosity of men; this served both as a test of her sanctity and as a kind of counter-pornography, intended to produce revulsion against the flesh; often, however, trial was made by the merely curious, like Charles of Anjou and his entourage].
Source: Quaderni Medievali , 39., (giugno 1995):  Pages 31 - 46.
Year of Publication: 1995.