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Title : New Documents Concerning Desiderio da Settignano and Annalena Malatesta [notarial records survive in which Annalena Malatesta, a noble and wealthy widow, paid the scupltor Desiderio da Settignano for a statue of Mary Magdalene and a bust of Christ; in the Appendix to the article the author transcribes the relevant extracts from the ledger for Annalena; although Annalena founded a Tertiary Dominican house for the protection and education of young widows and virgins, the sculpture of Mary Magdalene was evidently not intended for the convent but for S. Trinità and the altar of the Cerbini family which included Annalena's notary].
Source: Burlington Magazine (Full Text via JSTOR) 137, 1113 (December 1995): 792-799. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1995.