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1. Record Number: 10686
Author(s): Terkla, Dan.
Title : A Basochien Proto-Drama and Its Mariological Context: "L'Advocacie Nostre Dame" [This French text about the Last Judgement dramatizes a confrontation between the Virgin Mary (as advocate for mankind) and Satan (in the role of the prosecutor). Scholars disagree about whether the text can be classified as a poem or a drama, and the author argues that it is a precursor to the burlesque lawsuits of the Basochiens. The text illustrates the intersection of two phenomena in medieval France, as the poem parodies both the fictional trials enacted by the Basochiens (lawyers in training) and the worship practices of the cult of the Virgin. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Medieval Perspectives , 6., ( 1991):  Pages 87 - 100.
Year of Publication: 1991.