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1. Record Number: 5298
Author(s): Levin, William R.
Title : Lost Children, a Working Mother, and the Progress of an Artist at the Florentine Misericordia in the Trecento [The author explores Ambrogio di Baldese's connections with the Misericordia confraternity and its shelter for abandoned children; Ambrogio's mother, Santina, had cared for the children before her son took over the responsibility].
Source: Publications of the Medieval Association of the Midwest , 6., ( 1999):  Pages 34 - 84.
Year of Publication: 1999.

2. Record Number: 3507
Author(s): Parsons, John Carmi.
Title : Que Nos in Infancia Lactauit: The Impact of Childhood Care-Givers on Plantagenet Family Relationships in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries [topics discussed include the concern of the royal parents, the efforts made to integrate children into their birth families, and the loyalty adult children felt for their caregivers and their families].
Source: Women, Marriage, and Family in Medieval Christendom: Essays in Memory of Michael M. Sheehan, C.S.B.   Edited by Constance M. Rousseau and Joel T. Rosenthal .   Western Michigan University, 1998. Publications of the Medieval Association of the Midwest , 6., ( 1999):  Pages 289 - 324.
Year of Publication: 1998.

3. Record Number: 4742
Author(s): Mango, Cyril.
Title : Notes d'épigraphie et d'archéologie Constantinople, Nicée. l. Deux découvertes du Dr. Dethier. 1. Épitaphe d'une prétendue petite-fille de Justin II [in the 1860s the archaeologist Dethier made notes about an inscription, now lost , that he took to be the epitaph of a granddaughter of Justin II; the author argues that it is in fact for the nurse of Justin's daughter].
Source: Travaux et Mémoires (Centre de Recherche d'histoire et civilisation de Byzance) , 12., ( 1994):  Pages 344 - 345.
Year of Publication: 1994.