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1. Record Number: 20611
Author(s): Klinck, Anne L
Title : To have and to hold: The Bridewealth of Wives and the "Mund" of Widows in Anglo-Saxon England [The author examine women's status, particularly brides and widows, and the control that men exercised over them. Klinck brings in Anglo-Saxon vocabulary from legal sources as evidence. She also considers recent historiographic developments. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Nottingham Medieval Studies , 51., ( 2007):  Pages 231 - 245.
Year of Publication: 2007.

2. Record Number: 1029
Title : The Soverign as Pirate: Charles II of Anjou and the Marriage of His Daughter, 1304. Notes and Documents [economic aspects of Beatrice d' Anjou's marriage to Azzo VIII d' Este].
Source: English Historical Review (Full Text via JSTOR) 111, 441 (Apr. 1996): 350-356. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1996.

3. Record Number: 2277
Author(s): Karras, Ruth Mazo.
Title : Desire, Descendants, and Dominance: Slavery, the Exchange of Women, and Masculine Power [discusses men's purchase of control over women's sexuality in the cases of female slaves and of wives].
Source: The Work of Work: Servitude, Slavery, and Labor in Medieval England.   Edited by Allen J. Frantzen and Douglas Moffat .   Cruithne Press, 1994.  Pages 16 - 29.
Year of Publication: 1994.