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1. Record Number: 5686
Author(s): Gordon, Dillian.
Title : Zanobi Strozzi's "Annunciation" in the National Gallery [the recently discovered signature on the "Annunciation" makes it easier to identify Strozzi's work from other pupils of Fra Angelico; the author compares Strozzi's "Annunciation" to others done around the same time by Fra Angelico and his workshop].
Source: Burlington Magazine (Full Text via JSTOR) 140, 1145 (August 1998): 517-524. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1998.

2. Record Number: 6668
Author(s): Ambrosio, Francis J.
Title : On Seeing Fra Angelico's San Marco "Annunciation": The Place of Art [the author meditates on the meaning of Fra Angelico's painting at the monastery of San Marco; Ambrosio explores the painter's understanding of Dominican beliefs and practices as well as more general ideas including Mary as a metaphor for freedom and contemplation].
Source: Italian History and Culture , 3., ( 1997):  Pages 87 - 154.
Year of Publication: 1997.