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  • Author(s)/Creator(s): Eudocia, Empress, Wife of Theodosius II, Emperor of the East , ,
  • Contributor(s): Sowers, Brian P., trans.
  • Title: Martyrdom of Cyprian
  • Source: In Her Own Words: The Life and Poetry of Aelia Eudocia. Brian P. Sowers.  Center for Hellenic Studies, distributed by Harvard University Press, 2020.  Pages 131 - 156.
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    Contents: Book 1: The Conversion and Book 2: The Confession.

    Book description: "In Her Own Words: The Life and Poetry of Aelia Eudocia is the first full-length study to examine Eudocia’s writings as a unified whole and to situate them within their wider fifth-century literary, social, and religious contexts. Responsible for over 3,000 lines of extant poetry, Eudocia is one of the best-preserved ancient female poets. Because she wrote in a literary mode frequently suppressed by proto-orthodox (male) leaders, much of her poetry does not survive, and what does survive remains understudied and underappreciated. This book represents a detailed investigation into Eudocia’s works: her epigraphic poem in honor of the therapeutic bath at Hammat Gader, her Homeric cento—a poetic paraphrase of the Bible using lines from Homer—and her epic on the fictional magician-turned-Christian, Cyprian of Antioch. Reading her poetry as a whole and in context, Eudocia emerges as an exceptional author representing three unique late-antique communities: poets interested in preserving and transforming classical literature; Christians whose religious views positioned them outside and against traditional power structures; and women who challenged social, religious, and literary boundaries." — [Reproduced from the publisher's website]
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  • Subject (See Also): Eudocia, Empress, Wife of Theodosius II, Emperor of the East Classical Influences Cyprian, Martyr Education Empresses Hagiography Women Authors
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  • Geographic Area: Eastern Mediterranean
  • Century: 5
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  • Year of Publication: 2020.
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