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1. Record Number: 20782
Author(s): Trout, Dennis
Title : Theodelinda's Rome: "Ampullae," "Pittacia," and the Image of the City [Describes the political significance of Theodelinda's patronage of a collection of oils from the Roman "martyria," its repercussions on her relationship with Pope Gregory the Great, and that of Lombardy with the papacy in Rome. Also investigates how the burial locations of saints defined the layout of medieval cities. Title note supplied by Feminae].
Source: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome , 50., ( 2005):  Pages 131 - 145.
Year of Publication: 2005.

2. Record Number: 4905
Title : Theodelinda, "Most Glorious Queen": Gender and Power in Lombard Italy
Source: Medieval History Journal , 2., 2 (July-December 1999):  Pages 183 - 207.
Year of Publication: 1999.