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December 2022

Two Lives of Saint Colette: With a Selection of Letters by, to, and about Colette. Edited and translated by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski. Iter Press, 2022. ISBN 9781649590664 (pbk); 9781649590671 (online).

Saint Clare of Assisi and Saint Colette (c. 1520), by the Master of Lourinhã (National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon, Portugal).
Mestre da Lourinhã, Claire of Assisi and Colette of Corbie, c. 1520, Portuguese, Lisbon, National Museum of Ancient Art (Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain).

"Saint Colette of Corbie (1381-1447) was a French reformer of the Franciscan Order and the founder of seventeen convents. Though of humble origin, she attracted the support of powerful patrons and important Church officials. The two biographies translated here were authored by Pierre de Vaux, her confessor and mentor, and Perrine de Baume, a nun who for decades was Colette's companion and confidant. Both accounts offer fascinating portraits of the saint as a pious ascetic assailed by demons and performing miracles, as well as in her role as skillful administrator and caring mother of her nuns. This is the first English translation of two biographies in Middle French of one of the most important female figures of the Middle Ages. "— [Reproduced from the publisher's website]

Ikone der Heiligen Eudokia, Einlegearbeit in Stein und Elfenbein, 10. Jh.Indexers select a translation each month that is significant in the ideas it presents.  This gives users an opportunity to see a range of newly translated medieval works of importance for women's and gender studies.  It also will build an archive of references to translations that will be useful as classroom readings.

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