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1. Record Number: 4547
Author(s): Kelly, Henry Ansgar.
Title : Bishop, Prioress, and Bawd in the Stews of Southwark [the author explores the financial and legal relationships among the Bishop of Winchester, the nuns of Stratford, and the proprietors of houses of prostitution in Southwark; in the Appendix the author provides translations from four relevant documents or series of documents: The will of Richard Bronde, London, 1500; Overdue rents from Southwark, Winchester Diocese Pipe Roll, 1503-1504; Mentions of stewhouses in the court roll of the bishop of Winchester's manor, October 13, 1505 - September 21, 1506; Houses in the liberty of the bishop of Winchester in Southwark at which suspect persons were found, July 17, 1519].
Source: Speculum , 75., 2 (April 2000):  Pages 342 - 388.
Year of Publication: 2000.