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1. Record Number: 6632
Author(s): Skemer, Don C.
Title : Amulet Rolls and Female Devotion in the Late Middle Ages [medieval written amulets in scroll form rarely survive, but those that do frequently are intended to guarantee safety in pregnancy and childbirth; these amulets might be read aloud, bound to the woman or even fed to her; many of the surviving rolls are dedicated to Margaret of Antioch, the patron saint of pregnant women; this article edits one such roll (with the Latin text presented in the appendix) and provides a plate with a picture of the original; its mention of Saint Sigismund, a Burgundian martyr, may point to an origin in or near the ancient Burgundian realm; some of the charms are general ones, intended to provide generalized protection; but others make specific reference to childbirth, the greatest period of danger in many women's lives; other religious objects, including books of hours, were expected to serve similar protective purposes].
Source: Scriptorium , 55., 2 ( 2001):  Pages 197 - 227.
Year of Publication: 2001.