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1. Record Number: 45572
Author(s): Mitsiou, Ekaterini, Johannes Preiser-Kapeller, and John Skylitzes,
Title : The Assault of a Varangian Soldier on a Byzantine Woman in Winter Quarters in Western Asia Minor
Source: Mobility and Migration in Byzantium: A Sourcebook.   Edited by Claudia Rapp and Johannes Preiser-Kapeller .   V&R unipress, Vienna University Press, 2023.  Pages 361 - 363. The text is from Ioannis Scylitzae Synopsis historiarum, ed. Hans Thurn, CFHB 5 (Berlin and New York, 1973) 394, 70–77. The translation is from John Skylitzes, A Synopsis of Byzantine History, 811–1057, transl. by John Wortley (Cambridge, 2010) 372. That translation has been modified by Ekaterini Mitsiou and Johannes Preiser-Kapeller. The book is available open access at: https://www.vr-elibrary.de/doi/pdf/10.14220/9783737013413
Year of Publication: 2023.

2. Record Number: 45045
Author(s): Vihervalli, Ulriika,
Title : Wartime Rape in Late Antiquity: Consecrated Virgins and Victim Bias in the Fifth-Century West
Source: Early Medieval Europe , 30., 1 ( 2022):  Pages 3 - 19. Free to read online from Wiley Online Library: https://doi.org/10.1111/emed.12520
Year of Publication: 2022.

3. Record Number: 43453
Author(s): Hutchison, Emily J.,
Title : Sex, Knowledge and ‘Women of Sin’ in the Registre Criminel du Châtelet de Paris (1389–92)
Source: Gender and History , 32., 1 ( 2020):  Pages 131 - 148. Available with a subscription: https://doi.org/10.1111/1468-0424.12459
Year of Publication: 2020.

4. Record Number: 44597
Author(s): Stavsky , Jonathan,
Title : Le Bone Florence of Rome
Source: Le Bone Florence of Rome: A Critical Edition and Facing Translation of a Middle English Romance Analogous to Chaucer’s Man of Law’s Tale. Jonathan Stavsky, translator   Edited by Jonathan Stavsky .   University of Wales Press, 2017. Gender and History , 32., 1 ( 2020):  Pages 50 - 187.
Year of Publication: 2017.

5. Record Number: 20779
Author(s): Meyer, Mati
Title : The Levite's Concubine: Imaging the Marginal Woman in Byzantine Society [Provides comparative discussion of different representations of the rape of the concubine within the corpus of illuminated Byzantine manuscripts; extrapolates on what these different representations -particularly of clothing--reveal about contemporary clergy's attitudes towards the concepts of women, sexuality, and the function of marriage. Title note supplied by Feminae].
Source: Studies in Iconography , 27., ( 2006):  Pages 45 - 76.
Year of Publication: 2006.

6. Record Number: 10933
Author(s): Osborn, Marijane
Title : Authorship and Sexual/Allegorical Violence in Jean de Meun's "Roman de la Rose" [The author argues that while Jean de Meun's "Rose" calls attention to authorship and authority, it supports the privileges of patriarchy and the subordination of women. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Speculum , 79., 3 (July 2004):  Pages 628 - 659.
Year of Publication: 2004.

7. Record Number: 7906
Author(s): Potkay, Monica Brzezinski.
Title : The Violence of Courtly Exegesis in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"
Source: Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature.   Edited by Elizabeth Robertson and Christine M. Rose .   The New Middle Ages Series. Palgrave, 2001. Speculum , 79., 3 (July 2004):  Pages 97 - 124.
Year of Publication: 2001.

8. Record Number: 7903
Title : Reading Chaucer Reading Rape
Source: Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature.   Edited by Elizabeth Robertson and Christine M. Rose .   The New Middle Ages Series. Palgrave, 2001. Speculum , 79., 3 (July 2004):  Pages 21 - 60.
Year of Publication: 2001.

9. Record Number: 7907
Author(s): Burns, E. Jane.
Title : Raping Men: What's Motherhood Got to Do with It?
Source: Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature.   Edited by Elizabeth Robertson and Christine M. Rose .   The New Middle Ages Series. Palgrave, 2001. Speculum , 79., 3 (July 2004):  Pages 127 - 160.
Year of Publication: 2001.

10. Record Number: 5554
Author(s): Zanoboni, Maria Paola
Title : O Ribaldo prevosto... Pedofilia nella Milano Quattrocentesca [evidence for pedophilia in the Middle Ages is scarce before the fifteenth century; the evidence from Milan is scattered but the surviving material includes complaints about violent assaults on children, some done by clerics; in an appendix the author presents the Latin text of documents from a notary in 1469 dealing with apparent cases of pedophilia].
Source: Archivio Storico Lombardo. Twelfth Series , 124., ( 1998- 1999):  Pages 535 - 544.
Year of Publication: 1998- 1999.

11. Record Number: 3395
Title : Dominus/"Ancilla": Rhetorical Subjectivity and Sexual Violence in the Letters of Heloise
Source: The Tongue of the Fathers: Gender and Ideology in Twelfth-Century Latin.   Edited by David Townsend and Andrew Taylor .   University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998. Archivio Storico Lombardo. Twelfth Series , 124., ( 1998- 1999):  Pages 35 - 54.
Year of Publication: 1998.

12. Record Number: 16756
Author(s): Bianco, Marinella
Title : Le classificazioni femminili nella mentalitá medievale (sec. XII-XVI) [Legal texts can cast light on medieval attempts to impose classifications on women. Local laws in Piedmont distinguished between adultery and non-marital sex, as well as between consensual and non-consensual relations. Laws in Piedmont dealt not just with the classification of sexual offenses but with issues of familial honor. Other categorizations were constructed, but Piedmontese laws looked at how a woman fit into social structures. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Nuova Rivista Storica , 79., 2 ( 1995):  Pages 261 - 274.
Year of Publication: 1995.

13. Record Number: 463
Author(s): Moe, Nelson.
Title : Not a Love Story: Sexual Aggression, Law, and Order in "Decameron X 4" [Carisendi returns Catalina, believed dead, to her husband].
Source: Romanic Review , 86., 4 (Nov. 1995):  Pages 623 - 638.
Year of Publication: 1995.

14. Record Number: 12774
Author(s): Prevenier, Walter.
Title : Violence Against Women in a Medieval Metropolis: Paris Around 1400 [The author argues that fifteenth-century Parisian trial records attest to an everyday climate of danger and violence for single women living in the medieval metropolis. He discusses in detail the case of Ysablet des Champions, a widow who was raped by servants of the duke of Burgundy, and who went on to build a successful court case against her assailants. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Law, custom, and the social fabric in medieval Europe: essays in honor of Bryce Lyon.   Edited by Bernard S. Bachrach and David Nicholas Studies in medieval culture .   Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 1990. Nuova Rivista Storica , 79., 2 ( 1995):  Pages 263 - 283.
Year of Publication: 1990.