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1. Record Number: 5609
Author(s): Tsamis, Demetrios G.
Title : The Life of St. Ilaria [translation of a traditional account of St. Ilaria from "Meterikon," Volume 4, Edition of the Sacred Monastery of Panagia of Evros (Alexandroupolis, 1993); the story recounts that Saint Ilaria, the daughter of King Zeno, escaped to Egypt to live as a male ascetic in the desert; her sister, possessed by a demon, was brought to Egypt for healing; Ilaria healed her and was forced to reveal her identity to her father; he rejoiced and regretfully allowed her to return to her life in the desert as the eunuch Ilarion].
Source: Greek Orthodox Theological Review , 42., 40241 (Fall-Winter 1997):  Pages 381 - 394.
Year of Publication: 1997.

2. Record Number: 2526
Author(s): Kay, Sarah.
Title : Contesting "Romance Influence": The Poetics of the Gift [analyzes the figure of the Saracen princess in later "chansons de geste" ; aspects discussed are: the individual versus the political, sexual and gender identities, marriage as exchange, and the irony of control].
Source: Comparative Literature Studies , 32., 2 ( 1995):  Pages 320 - 341.
Year of Publication: 1995.