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1. Record Number: 44771
Title : The Pagan Royal Couple
Source: Middle High German Legends in English Translation.   Edited by Jef Jacobs, Kenny Louwen, Bart Veldhoen and Barend Verkerk .   Leiden University Press, 2021.  Pages 168 - 219.
Year of Publication: 2021.

2. Record Number: 1701
Title : Christine de Pizan's Feminist Strategies : The Defense of the African and Asian Ladies in the "Book of the City of the Ladies"
Source: Une femme de Lettres au Moyen Age: Études autour de Christine de Pizan.   Edited by Liliane Dulac and Bernard Ribémont .   Paradigme, 1995.  Pages 177 - 193.
Year of Publication: 1995.

3. Record Number: 12741
Author(s): Featherstone, Jeffrey
Title : Olga’s Visit to Constantinople [Princess Olga of Kiev’s conversion to Christianity and her baptism in Constantinople in the middle of the tenth century are events variously described in Slavonic, Byzantine, and Latin accounts. The article contains a translation of excerpt from the Book
Source: Harvard Ukrainian Studies , 14., 3 (December 1990):  Pages 293 - 312.
Year of Publication: 1990.