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1. Record Number: 7349
Author(s): Gasparini, Giuseppina De Sandre.
Title : Isotta Nogarola umanista, monaca domestica e pellegrina al Giubileo (1450) [Isotta Nogarola, a Veronese humanist, visited Rome during the Jubilee Year 1450 and delivered a discourse before Pope Nicholas V. At home, Isotta combined a nun-like religious life with the study of letters. In her Jubilee pilgrimage and her writings, Isotta revealed a conservative approach to the church and especially to the papacy. This is rooted in her elite upbringing in Verona.].
Source: I percorsi della fede e l'esperienza della carità nel Veneto medioevale: atti del convegno, Castello di Monselice, 28 maggio 2000.   Edited by Antonio Rigon .   Il poligrafo, 2002.  Pages 133 - 154.
Year of Publication: 2002.