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1. Record Number: 33538
Author(s): Pearson, Andrea G.
Title : Gendered Subject, Gendered Spectator: Mary Magdalen in the Gaze of Margaret of York
Source: Gesta , 44., 1 ( 2005):  Pages 47 - 66.
Year of Publication: 2005.

2. Record Number: 7248
Author(s): Bennett, Adelaide.
Title : Mary Magdalen's Seven Deadly Sins in a Thirteenth-Century Liège Psalter-Hours [The author explores the figure of a woman with an unguent jar who is holding seven disks spelling out "SALIGIA" (the initial letters of the seven vices) whom the author identifies as Mary Magdalene. Earlier Mary Magdalene was portrayed with seven demons fleeing from her body. In the thirteenth century this became associated with the seven deadly sins as Mary Magdalene's role as a penitent, converted sinner was emphasized. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Insights and Interpretations: Studies in Celebrations of the Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of the Index of Christian Art.   Edited by Colum Hourihane .   Index of Christian Art, Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University in association with Princeton University Press, 2002. Gesta , 44., 1 ( 2005):  Pages 17 - 34.
Year of Publication: 2002.

3. Record Number: 5874
Author(s): Jennings, Margaret.
Title : The Three Marys of Bourges [The author briefly explores the representations of the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Mary of Egypt in the Cathedral of Bourges and comments on the theological meaning of their lives].
Source: Downside Review , 119., 414 (January 2001):  Pages 35 - 50.
Year of Publication: 2001.

4. Record Number: 8327
Author(s): Jansen, Katherine L.
Title : Like a Virgin: The Meaning of the Magdalen for Female Penitents of Later Medieval Italy [The author argues that the image of Mary Magdalene as a sinner restored to virginity through penance held special meaning for uncloistered religious women. These penitent women, frequently widows, sought the full rewards of virgins in paradise. Among the
Source: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome , 45., ( 2000):  Pages 131 - 152.
Year of Publication: 2000.

5. Record Number: 4021
Author(s): Carrasco, Magdalena Elizabeth
Title : The Imagery of the Magdalen in Christina of Markyate's Psalter (St. Albans Psalter)
Source: Gesta (Full Text via JSTOR) 38, 1 (1999): 67-80. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1999.

6. Record Number: 5893
Author(s): Wright, Alison.
Title : Pollaiuolo's "Elevation of the Magdalen" Altar-piece and an Early Patron [the author traces the patronage of Pollaiuolo's painting to a Florentine notary in Staggia; she believes that the iconography of the penitential Magdalene receiving the Eucharist may have been requested by the patron; the Appendix transcribes three pertinent texts: the will of the patron, the patron's 1469 tax return, and the petition from Bruno di Ser Benedetto Grazzini (possibly the patron's son) for the redemption of his deceased wife's dowry (the wife Maddalena was the daughter of the painter Antonio del Pollaiuolo)].
Source: Burlington Magazine (Full Text via JSTOR) 139, 1132 (July 1997): 444-451. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1997.

7. Record Number: 1841
Author(s): Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke.
Title : Coquette at the Cross? Magdalen in the Master of the Bartholomew Altar's Deposition at the Louvre [argues that Magdalen's depiction with gloves and ointment jar refers to her compassion not her earlier life as a courtesan ; the painting may have hung in the Antonite hospital in Paris and had special meaning for the patients, particularly those suffering from St. Anthony's Fire who would have had limbs amputated].
Source: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte , 59., 4 ( 1996):  Pages 573 - 577.
Year of Publication: 1996.

8. Record Number: 39182
Title : Mary Magdalene with the Vera Icon
Source: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte , 59., 4 ( 1996):
Year of Publication:

9. Record Number: 41765
Title : Lamentation over the Dead Christ
Source: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte , 59., 4 ( 1996):
Year of Publication: