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1. Record Number: 14749
Author(s): Doyle, Kara.
Title : Narratizing Marie of Ponthieu [The author analyzes three texts related to the life of Marie, countess of Ponthieu. She was heir to her father's holdings of Ponthieu but her husband's rebellion against the French king, Philippe Auguste, resulted in the forfeiture of her inheritance. Marie negotiated a settlement with Louis VIII, Philippe Auguste's successor. The three texts analyzed are: 1) the legal agreement between Marie and Lous VIII restoring her land and the inheritance rights to her children; 2) the "Roman de la Violette" by Gerbert de Montreuil in which Marie is acknowledged as patron; and the anonymous "Fille de comte de Ponthieu" in which the heroine's resemblance to Marie is less direct. Significantly all three texts downplay women's agency and do not portray the woman as holding land. Evidence suggests that Marie took direct action to regain her family's lands and privileges Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Historical Reflections/ Reflexions historiques , 30., 1 (Spring 2004):  Pages 29 - 54.
Year of Publication: 2004.