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1. Record Number: 4717
Author(s): Bauer, Elizabeth Jensen.
Title : Medieval Women and the Care of the Sick: Some Evidence from Hagiography [the author argues that some qualities that women saints display in the care of the sick according to their "vitae" are different from those in men's lives, namely humility, strength (not only physical strength but an absence of revulsion and nausea before the physical conditions of lepers and other sick people), and penance by identifying with the suffering of others].
Source: Magistra , 5., 1 (Summer 1999):  Pages 79 - 96.
Year of Publication: 1999.

2. Record Number: 5022
Author(s): Klaniczay, Gábor
Title : The Cinderella Effect: Late Medieval Female Sainthood in Central Europe and in Italy [The author examines the ideal of sainthood represented by pious princesses in Central Europe and how this aristocratic and mendicant movement fared in Italy where urban female sainthood embraced all social classes].
Source: East Central Europe , 20., 1 ( 1993- 1996):  Pages 51 - 68. Special issue title: Women and Power in East Central Europe - Medieval and Modern. Edited by Marianne Sághy.
Year of Publication: 1993- 1996.