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1. Record Number: 7206
Author(s): D'Angelo, Edoardo
Title : Il dossier delle sante Flora e Lucilla e la "Augmentatio passionis" (BHL 5021c) [Flora and Lucilla are said to have converted the barbarian king Eugegius to Christianity, even though he had abducted them. He went to Rome with them, where all three suffered martyrdom under Commodus. The relics of Flora and Lucilla were transferred to Arezzo in the ninth century. Most of the hagiographic material on these martyrs originated in Tuscany between the ninth and twelfth centuries. The appendix presents an edition of the "Augmentatio passionis Florae et Lucillae." Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Hagiographica: Rivista di agiografia e biografia della societ√† internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo Latino/ Journal of Hagiography and Biography of Societ√† Internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo Latino , 8., ( 2001):  Pages 121 - 164.
Year of Publication: 2001.