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1. Record Number: 4870
Author(s): Bejczy, Istvan and Marie-José Heijkant
Title : Il Prete Gianni el le Amazzoni: Donne in un' utopia medievale (secondo la tradizione Italiana) [classical ideas of Amazons as women inverting the proper social order were included in the "Letter of Prester John;" they were described as living on the fringes of his well-ordered realm, in which women were subordinate childbearers; Amazons were described as a threat to chastity because they saw men only for sexual contact and reproduction; the "Letter of Prester John," however, unlike classical texts, depicts the Amazons as tolerated and difficult to defeat].
Source: Neophilologus , 79., ( 1995):  Pages 439 - 449.
Year of Publication: 1995.