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1. Record Number: 10745
Author(s): Danneel, Marianne.
Title : Orphanhood and Marriage in Fifteenth-Century Ghent [The author examined municipal records concerning orphans in regard to inventories of goods, contested guardianship, and marriage. Orphan girls with property were especially vulnerable to ill-advised courtships and forced marriages. Both sets of natal kin were generally concerned that orphans make the best matches, so that the family patrimony would be well administered. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Marriage and Social Mobility in the Late Middle Ages/Marriage et mobilit√© sociale au bas moyen-√Ęge. Handelingen van het colloquieum gehouden te Gent op 18 april 1988.   Edited by W. Prevenier Studia Historica Gandensia .   Department of History of the Arts Faculty of the University of Gent, 1992.  Pages 123 - 139. Second printing, revised and corrected by the editor
Year of Publication: 1992.