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1. Record Number: 6670
Author(s): Simonetti, Adele.
Title : Santita femminile vallombrosana fra due e trecento [Vallombrosan nuns brought the spirituality of the wilderness into cities like Florence; they fulfilled their individual spiritual needs in an institutional context acceptable to the Church, and they subordinated their own needs to those of the community; penitent women like Umilta of Faenza also became community assets through their reputations for piety and miracle working; Vallombrosan hagiography endorses apostolic poverty while avoiding the extremes of Franciscan claims to exceptionality].
Source: Il colloquio vallombrosano: L'Ordo Vallisumbrosae tra XII e XIII Secolo: Gli sviluppi istituzionali e culturali e l'espansione geografica (1101-1293):Vallombrosa, 25-28 agosto 1996. Vol. 1.   Edited by Giordano Monzo Compagnoni .   Edizioni Vallombrosa, 1999.  Pages 467 - 481.
Year of Publication: 1999.

2. Record Number: 8656
Author(s): Papi, Anna Benvenuti.
Title : Padri spirituali [The mendicant movement coincided with an increase in the number of penitent women living in the world. Friars frequently became confessors and spiritual guides for these women. Friars advised them how to lead a spiritual life outside the cloister without yielding to temptation or becoming suspected of heresy. Writers like Francesco da Barberino were critical of these close ties between religious and uncloistered. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: In castro poenitentiae: santità e società femminile nell’Italia medievali. Anna Benvenuti Papi .   Herder, 1990.  Pages 205 - 246. Earlier published in Studies in Church History 27 (1990): 53-78.
Year of Publication: 1990.