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1. Record Number: 7248
Author(s): Bennett, Adelaide.
Title : Mary Magdalen's Seven Deadly Sins in a Thirteenth-Century Li├Ęge Psalter-Hours [The author explores the figure of a woman with an unguent jar who is holding seven disks spelling out "SALIGIA" (the initial letters of the seven vices) whom the author identifies as Mary Magdalene. Earlier Mary Magdalene was portrayed with seven demons fleeing from her body. In the thirteenth century this became associated with the seven deadly sins as Mary Magdalene's role as a penitent, converted sinner was emphasized. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Insights and Interpretations: Studies in Celebrations of the Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of the Index of Christian Art.   Edited by Colum Hourihane .   Index of Christian Art, Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University in association with Princeton University Press, 2002.  Pages 17 - 34.
Year of Publication: 2002.