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Author(s): Laughton, Jane.
Title : Women in Court: Some Evidence from Fifteenth-Century Chester [The author analyzes records from two Chester courts, the Portmote headed by the mayor and the Pentice presided over by the two city sheriffs. Analysis of Pentice rolls for 1431-32, 1459-60, and 1489-90 show women involved in 21% of cases. For both courts, women appear in a variety of roles including plaintiffs, pledges, traders and producers (many of them legally independent as "femmes soles"), debtors, thieves, and brawlers. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Harlaxton Medieval Studies , 4., ( 1994):  Pages 89 - 99. Issue title: England in the Fifteenth Century: Proceedings of the 1992 Harlaxton Symposium
Year of Publication: 1994.