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1. Record Number: 20335
Author(s): Zaggia, Masimo
Title : Varia fortuna editoriale delle lettere di Caterina da Siena [In the 16th century, the diffusion of the letters of Catherine of Siena in print derived from Venice. The texts were secured from Venetian Dominican houses. Only in the 18th century did the printing of Catherine's works pass to Tuscany and Rome. Older pr
Source: Dire l'ineffabile: Caterina da Siena e il linguaggio della mistica.   Edited by Lino Leonardi and Pietro Trifone .   Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2006.  Pages 127 - 187.
Year of Publication: 2006.

2. Record Number: 3516
Author(s): Roberts, Ann M.
Title : Chiara Gambacorta of Pisa as Patroness of the Arts [the author argues that Prioress Chiara Gambacorta had an important role in commissioning and in choosing the subject, style, and imagery of the paintings produced for the convent of San Domenico, many of which represented female saints including Catherine of Siena and Bridget of Sweden].
Source: Creative Women in Medieval and Early Modern Italy: A Religious and Artistic Renaissance.   Edited by E. Ann Matter and John Coakley .   University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994.  Pages 120 - 154.
Year of Publication: 1994.