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Author(s): Miglio, Massimo.
Title : Feste di matrimonio a Roma [A papal master of ceremonies complained about the small part religion played in Roman marriages. Accounts of actual marriages, like that of Rosata Caffari, reveal a complex series of agreements between families, gift giving and festivities. This culminated in the bride's transfer to the groom's residence. These practices exalted the families involved and reinforced social solidarity.]
Source: Patrimonium in festa: cortei, tornei, artifici e feste alla fine del Medioevo (secoli XV-XVI).   Edited by Anna Modigliani .   Centro di Studi per il Patrimonio di S. Pietro in Tuscia; Ente Ottava Medievale di Orte, 2000.  Pages 119 - 131.
Year of Publication: 2000.