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1. Record Number: 10569
Author(s): Scheepsma, Wybren.
Title : Mysticism and Modern Devotion: Alijt Bake's (1415-1455) Lessons in the Mystical Way of Living [Alijt Bake had a special gift for the mystical life. When she became prioress of Galilea (a house associated with the Modern Devotion), she attempted to reform the nuns' external methods toward a more internalized spirituality. Bake wrote texts for the nuns as well as a spiritual autobiography and a letter from exile. The leaders of the Windesheim Chapter not only removed her as prioress in 1454 but sent her from Ghent to Antwerp. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Spirituality renewed: studies on significant representatives of the Modern Devotion.   Edited by Hein Blommestijn, Charles Caspers, and Rijcklof Hofman Studies in spirituality. Supplement .  10 2003.  Pages 157 - 167.
Year of Publication: 2003.