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  • Author(s)/Creator(s): Christine de Pizan , Christine Reno and Thelma S. Fenster
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  • Title: The Tale of the Rose
  • Source: The God of Love’s Letter and The Tale of the Rose: A Bilingual Edition.Christine de Pizan and Jean Gerson  Edited by Thelma S. Fenster and Christine Reno, editors and translators.  Iter Press, 2021.  Pages 125 - 159.
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    Christine de Pizan was born in Italy and moved to the French court of Charles V when she was four years old. She led a life of learning, stimulated by her reading and by her drive to engage with the cultural and political issues of her day. As a young widow she sought to support her family through writing, and she broke new ground by pursuing a life as an author and self-publisher, producing an astonishingly large and varied body of work. Her books, owned and read by some of the most important figures of her day, addressed politics, philosophy, government, ethics, the conduct of war, autobiography and biography, and religious subjects.

    The God of Love's Letter (1399), Christine de Pizan's first defense of women, is arguably her most succinct statement about gender. It also rebukes the thirteenth-century Romance of the Rose and anticipates Christine's City of Ladies. The Tale of the Rose 1402) responds to the growth in chivalric orders for the defense of women by arguing that women, not men, should choose members of the “Order of the Rose.” Both poems are freshly edited here from their earliest manuscripts and each is newly translated into English. — [Reproduced from the publisher’s website: https://www.itergateway.org/resources/god-of-loves-letter]

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