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  • Title: Sibba, daughter of William, appeals William, son of Hugh of Bolton...
  • Source: Pleas before the King or His Justices, 1198-1212. Volume 4 Rolls or Fragments of Rolls from the Years 1207-1212. Publications of the Selden Society, Volume 84.  Edited by Doris Mary Stenton.  Bernard Quaritch for the Selden Society, 1967.  Pages 114 - 114.
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    The court record provides further information including "that in the king's peace he took her outside the village of Wheldrake and lay with her by force and beat her and made her bloody." Afterward Sibba notified witnesses and raised the hue and cry. The coroners judged that she should receive compensation from William. The sheriff made certain that the fine of 20 shillings was paid.

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