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1. Record Number: 12853
Author(s): Minnis, Alastair.
Title : Respondet Waltherus Byrth...: Walter Brut in Debate on Women Priests [John Wycliff's ideas on grace could be used to argue that any good Christian, male or female, was capable of preaching and administering the sacraments. The Welsh Lollard Walter Brut is represented in episcopal records as arguing that women could administer baptism and other sacraments, but he was ambivalent about women celebrating the eucharist. The bishop of Hereford's theologians turned Walter's comments into a discussion of the ordination of women, defending the ability of any priest, even one fallen from grace, to confect the sacrament; but a woman in a state of grace could not. A man's soul was supposed to be different from a woman's and, therefore, able to receive the priestly character in ordination. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Text and Controversy from Wyclif to Bale: Essays in Honour of Anne Hudson.   Edited by Helen Barr and Ann M. Hutchison. Medieval Church Studies Series, 4 .   Brepols, 2005.  Pages 229 - 249.
Year of Publication: 2005.