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1. Record Number: 10824
Author(s): Meli, Beatriz.
Title : Virginitas and "Auctoritas": Two Threads in the Fabric of Hildegard of Bingen's "Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum"
Source: The Voice of Silence: Women's Literacy in a Men's Church.   Edited by Thérèse de Hemptinne and María Eugenia Góngora Medieval Church Studies .   Brepols, 2004.  Pages 47 - 55.
Year of Publication: 2004.

2. Record Number: 4294
Author(s): Bumpass, Kathryn L.
Title : A Musical Reading of Hildegard's Responsory "Spiritui Sancto"
Source: Hildegard of Bingen: A book of Essays.   Edited by Maud Burnett McInerney .   Garland Publishing, 1998.  Pages 155 - 173.
Year of Publication: 1998.

3. Record Number: 4348
Author(s): Holladay, Joan A.
Title : Relics, Reliquaries, and Religious Women: Visualizing the Holy Virgins of Cologne [the author points to the growth in the cult of Ursula and her virgins including the excavations of their supposed bodies, renovation of the church dedicated to the martyrs, and the invention of Ursula busts; the author suggests that the cult and the busts were designed to appeal to the daughters of patricians and burghers by showing that a holy life could be found in their social class and in marriage rather than in the extremes of the Beguines].
Source: Studies in Iconography , 18., ( 1997):  Pages 67 - 118.
Year of Publication: 1997.