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1. Record Number: 14145
Title : Tecla Servent and Her Two Husbands [The author analyzes the case of Tecla Servent, a fifteenth century Spanish visionary, who was mistreated by her husband. In her visions, however, Tecla has a rich and rewarding relationship with Christ who takes her as his wife. Difficulties with her ear
Source: The Medieval Marriage Scene: Prudence, Passion, Policy.   Edited by Sherry Roush and Cristelle L. Baskins .   Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2005.  Pages 187 - 200.
Year of Publication: 2005.

2. Record Number: 8285
Title : Writing and Sodomy in the Inquisitorial Trial (1495- 496) of Tecla Servent [Tecla Servent was a Spanish visionary and married laywoman who, despite her humble birth and gender, criticized the Church hierarchy. Her neighbors and noble patrons valued her messages from God, but her letter to the pope drew the ire of theologians and the Inquisition. The Appendix presents the Catalan text and English translation of her letter to the pope. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Marriage and Sexuality in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia. Hispanic Issues, Volume 26.   Edited by Eukene Lacarra Lanz .   Routledge, 2002.  Pages 197 - 213.
Year of Publication: 2002.