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1. Record Number: 5575
Author(s): Peikola, Matti.
Title : And After All, Myn Aue-Marie Almost to the Ende: "Pierce the Ploughman's Crede" and Lolland Expositions of the "Ave Maria" [the author uses two Lollard commentaries to explain the objections to the "Ave Maria" prayer presented in "Pierce the Ploughman;" not only did Lollards object to the additions of words to the Bible text, but they were also opposed to the indulgences promised for reciting the prayer and their connections with the Pope; in an Appendix the author reproduces an indulgence on the "Ave Maria" in Middle English from Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R.3.21, fol. 216v].
Source: English Studies , 81., 4 ( 2000):  Pages 273 - 292.
Year of Publication: 2000.