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1. Record Number: 29056
Author(s): Burger, Glenn
Title : In the Merchant's Bedchamber
Source: Thresholds of Medieval Visual Culture: Liminal Spaces.   Edited by Elina Gertsman and Jill Stevenson .   Boydell Press, 2012.  Pages 239 - 259.
Year of Publication: 2012.

2. Record Number: 6924
Author(s): Krueger, Roberta L.
Title : Nouvelles Choses: Social Instability and the Problem of Fashion in the "Livre du Chevalier de la Tour Landry," the "Ménagier de Paris," and Christine de Pizan's "Livre des Trois Vertus" [The author argues that the anti-fashion discourse in the three texts confirms that sumptuary laws and the criticisms of authorities could not control women's desires for new fashions in clothing. In fact in the descriptions and illustrations of fashions
Source: Medieval Conduct.   Edited by Kathleen Ashley and Robert L. A. Clark .   Medieval Cultures, Volume 29. University of Minnesota Press, 2001.  Pages 49 - 85.
Year of Publication: 2001.