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1. Record Number: 44621
Title : The Book of Special Grace, Parts Six and Seven
Source: The Herald of God's Loving-Kindness: Book 5 / Parts Six and Seven. Alexandra Barratt, translator   Edited by Alexandra Barratt .   Liturgical Press, 2020.  Pages 171 - 259.
Year of Publication: 2020.

2. Record Number: 20336
Author(s): Bertini Malgiarini, Patrizia and Ugo Vignuzzi
Title : Matilde a Helfta, Melchiade in Umbria (e oltre): un antico volgarizzamento umbro del "Liber specialis gratiae" [Mechthild von Hackeborn's "Liber specialis gratiae" was translated into Italian in the 15th or 16th century. It probably was made for nuns. The translation renames Mechthild "Melchiadis," as do other non-German versions. The appendix provides a compariso
Source: Dire l'ineffabile: Caterina da Siena e il linguaggio della mistica.   Edited by Lino Leonardi and Pietro Trifone .   Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2006.  Pages 291 - 307.
Year of Publication: 2006.

3. Record Number: 4733
Author(s): Voaden, Rosalynn.
Title : Drinking from the Golden Cup: Courtly Ritual and Order in the "Liber specialis gratiae" of Mechthild of Hackeborn [The author argues that Mechthild described her visions with ceremonial splendor and courtly discourse in which she played the role of the gracious queen].
Source: Mystics Quarterly , 26., 3 (September 2000):  Pages 109 - 119.
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 2268
Title : All Girls Together: Community , Gender, and Vision at Helfta [analysis of the environment at Helfta based on the writings of its visionaries: Mechthild of Hackeborn, Mechthild of Magdeburg, and Gertrude the Great; the experience within this supportive community allowed Gertrude and Mechthild of Hackeborn to ascribe female characteristics to the divine that drew on images of female biology including enclosure, blood, and the vagina].
Source: Medieval Women in Their Communities.   Edited by Diane Watt .   University of Toronto Press, 1997. Mystics Quarterly , 26., 3 (September 2000):  Pages 72 - 91.
Year of Publication: 1997.

5. Record Number: 1216
Author(s): Kline, Barbara.
Title : Editing Women's Visions: Some Thoughts on the Transmission of Female Mystics' Texts [women mystics' writings were changed by late medieval English editors and translators who minimized and sometimes eliminated the female identity of the authors].
Source: Magistra , 2., 1 (Summer 1996):  Pages 3 - 23.
Year of Publication: 1996.

6. Record Number: 2307
Title : Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord: Mechtild of Hackeborn
Source: Hidden Springs: Cistercian Monastic Women. Book Two. Medieval Religious Women Volume Three.   Edited by John A. Nichols and Lillian Thomas Shank, O.S.C.O Cistercian Studies Series .   Cistercian Publications, 1995. Magistra , 2., 1 (Summer 1996):  Pages 509 - 524.
Year of Publication: 1995.

7. Record Number: 356
Author(s): Mechthild von Hackeborn
Contributor(s): King, Margot H, trans.
Title : Letters from Mechthild of Hackeborn to a Friend, a Laywoman in the World Taken from the Book of Special Grace Book IV, Chapter 59
Source: Vox Mystica: Essays on Medieval Mysticism in Honor of Professor Valerie M Lagorio.   Edited by Anne Clark Bartlett, Thomas H. Bestul, Janet Goebel, and William F. Pollard .   D.S. Brewer, 1995. Magistra , 2., 1 (Summer 1996):  Pages 173 - 176.
Year of Publication: 1995.

8. Record Number: 4392
Title : Invitations of the Divine Heart: The Mystical Writings of Mechthild of Hackeborn [The author emphasizes the Christocentric motif of Mechthild's "Book of Special Grace" which was learned and nurtured in the liturgy].
Source: American Benedictine Review , 45., 3 (September 1994):  Pages 321 - 338.
Year of Publication: 1994.