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1. Record Number: 44500
Author(s): Decker, Sarah Ifft
Title : Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 65 a-b: Sexual Relations between Women
Source: Jewish Women in the Medieval World: 500-1500 CE. Sarah Ifft Decker.   Edited by Sarah Ifft Decker, translator of Document 14 .   Routledge, 2022.  Pages 132 - 132.
Year of Publication: 2022.

2. Record Number: 44907
Title : The Trial of Katherina Hetzeldorfer
Source: The Intolerant Middle Ages: A Reader.   Edited by Eugene Smelyansky .   University of Toronto Press, 2020.  Pages 266 - 268.
Year of Publication: 2020.

3. Record Number: 41831
Contributor(s): Abbouchi, Mounawar, ed. and trans.
Title : Yde and Olive
Source: Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality , 53., 4 ( 2018):  Pages 1 - 131. Available open access from Medieval Institute Publications on Western Michigan University's ScholarWorks websitehttps://scholarworks.wmich.edu/mff/vol53/iss4/1/
Year of Publication: 2018.

4. Record Number: 12506
Author(s): Lansing, Carol.
Title : Donna con Donna?: A 1295 Inquest into Female Sodomy [The author presents a case in Bologna in which a woman was accused of sodomy with other women. Testimony by one witness is also preserved, suggesting that he was not scandalized to hear that a woman was attracted to another woman. The appendix presents Latin texts of the initial notification to the court and the deposition of the witness Ugolino Martini. Lansing suggests that the accuser, Guilelmo, pursued Guericia in court and most probably forced her to flee Bologna. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Sexuality and Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe.   Edited by Philip M. Soergel Studies in medieval and renaissance history, 3rd ser., 2.   AMS Press, 2005. Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality , 53., 4 ( 2018):  Pages 109 - 122. Also part of the series: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History Third Series 2 (Old Series 27, New Series 17) (2005). Sexuality and Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Year of Publication: 2005.

5. Record Number: 15868
Author(s): Scarabello, Giovanni.
Title : Per una storia della prostituzione a Venezia tra il XIII e il XVIII sec [Beginning in the thirteenth century, the Venetian Republic made efforts to regulate rather than eliminate prostitution entirely. By the fourteenth century authorities were trying to concentrate prostitutes in regulated neighborhoods. Nevertheless, prostitutes continued to operate outside these sanctioned areas, especially in taverns and bath houses. Venetian laws protected prostitutes from abusive pimps but also tried to protect their patrons from diseases. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Studi Veneziani , 47., ( 2004):  Pages 15 - 101.
Year of Publication: 2004.

6. Record Number: 5613
Author(s): Bennett, Judith M.
Title : Lesbian-Like and the Social History of Lesbianisms [The author argues that for the study of the Middle Ages the category "lesbian" needs to be expanded to "lesbian-like" to include characteristics that have affinities with modern-day lesbians; the author suggests that cross dressing women, prostitutes and others involved in unsanctioned sexuality, women in single-sex religious houses, and single women can all be understood in new ways when considered as lesbian-like behaviors].
Source: Journal of the History of Sexuality , 9., 40180 (January-April 2000):  Pages 1 - 24.
Year of Publication: 2000.

7. Record Number: 3146
Author(s): Watt, Diane.
Title : Behaving like a Man? Incest, Lesbian Desire, and Gender Play in "Yde et Olive" and Its Adaptations [Yde masquerades as a man to escape her incestuous father, is given the emperor's daughter in marriage, and miraculously becomes a man].
Source: Comparative Literature (Full Text via JSTOR) 50, 4 (Autumn 1998): 265-285. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1998.

8. Record Number: 1776
Author(s): Raby, Michel J.
Title : Le péché "contre nature" dans la littérature médiévale: deux cas [masturbation and homosexuality as represented in penitential books and in a variety of literary examples drawn from fabliaux, lyric poetry, romances, and travel literature].
Source: Romance Quarterly , 44., 4 (Fall 1997):  Pages 215 - 223.
Year of Publication: 1997.

9. Record Number: 1421
Author(s): Murray, Jacqueline.
Title : Twice Marginal and Twice Invisible: Lesbians in the Middle Ages [appendices reproduce two translations, one an excerpt from a poem that describes the "vile sin" of two ladies making love, the other is a nun's letter to her beloved, full of homoerotic images].
Source: Handbook of Medieval Sexuality.   Edited by Vern L. Bullough and James A. Brundage .   Garland Reference Library of the Humanities vol. 1696. Garland Publishing, 1996. Romance Quarterly , 44., 4 (Fall 1997):  Pages 191 - 222.
Year of Publication: 1996.

10. Record Number: 1920
Author(s): Simons, Patricia.
Title : Lesbian (In)Visibility in Italian Renaissance Culture: Diana and Other Cases of "donna con donna"
Source:   Edited by Whitney Davis Journal of Homosexuality , 27., 40180 ( 1994):  Pages 81 - 122. Published simultaneously in Gay and Lesbian Studies in Art History. Edited by Whitney Davis. Haworth Press, 1994. 81-122
Year of Publication: 1994.

11. Record Number: 32638
Title : Woman and Her Maid
Source: Journal of Homosexuality , 27., 40180 ( 1994):
Year of Publication:

12. Record Number: 43307
Title : Transgressive bodily desires (Bible Moralisée, Codex Vindobonensis 2554)
Source: Journal of Homosexuality , 27., 40180 ( 1994):
Year of Publication: